Korsfestelsen - The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion
John Chrysostom sums up what it means to contemplate the Byzantine crucifix: “I see him crucified and I call him King.” That suffering man who died on the cross is the creator of the world, the lord of all life. Why, then, was he put on the cross like a sinner? The answer: to free man from death.
The cross is planted in the “Place of the Skull” where Adam`s cranium lies.
Christ is the new Adam and the cross is the tree of the eternal life. The Crucifixion takes place before the walls of Jerusalem.
Mary Magdalen, Mary of Cleophas and Mary`s sister surround and support the grieving Virgin, forming a decorative motif similar to a bouquet of flowers in a spiritual garden.
John touch his heart and behind him the centurion Longinus looks up toward Christ and recognizes him as the Son of the God.