Kristi lidelse - The Man of Sorrow

The Man of Sorrow
The image developed from the Byzantine epitaphios image, which possibly dates back to the 8th century. A miraculous Byzantine mosaic icon of it is known as the Imago Pietatis or Christ of Pity.
For some the image represented the two natures of Christ - he was dead as a man, but alive as God.

"Weep Not For Me, Mother" - "Gråt Ikke For Meg, Mor"

«Weep Not For Me, Mother»
This icon type, called NERUDAY MENE MATI in Slavonic, is the orthodox equivalent of the Western Pieta`. The dead Christ is depicted upright in an open sarcophagus that conceals his body below the waist. His head inclines to the side and his arms are crossed in front.
The title “ Weep Not For Me, Mother” , is taken from Canticle Nine of Matins for Holy Saturday:
“ Weep not for me, Mother, seeing in the sepulcher the son you conceived without seed in your womb- for I shall rise and be glorified, and, as God , shall exalt those who praise you, with faith and love, in glory everlasting”.